How does Ruckus BeamFlex Solve Today’s Wi-Fi Issues?

Issues such as interference and distance affect W-Fi in different ways, Ruckus Wireless’ patented BeamFlex technology aims to solve both these issues with their innovative range of access points. Watch this video to understand how it all works.

Another Success Story

When we make a customer happy, it makes us happy. It means we have listened to their needs and provided a solution to fit perfectly, as well as installed the system and supported them consistently along the way. We create excellent relationships with our customers and their feedback is a testament to that.

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The Business-Phone Buyer’s Checklist

Once the decision has been made to buy a new business phone system, its important to make sure you do your homework before launching into calling suppliers and getting quotes.

This checklist will go through the steps you need to consider before beginning a search for a new phone system.

What do you actually need? Look […]