Our New Hosted Solution: VSL Hosted Complete

We have now launched our brand new hosted solution for small to medium businesses, called VSL Hosted Complete!

We have a whole page dedicated to this innovative solution, which can be found here, but here is a little summary.

What is the solution?

A comprehensive package that includes lines, calls, phones and connectivity.
Pay per user, choosing […]

Ruckus BeamFlex Explained

How and Why Ruckus BeamFlex Technology Works to Improve Range, reliability and Performance of Wi-Fi Networks and Services.

Meet the Team: Jeanette

At VSL, our team is made up of hard-working, attentive employees with combined telecoms experience of over 200 years! We thought maybe you’d like to get to know us a bit more. So here is the next instalment of our ‘Meet The Team’ posts.

Name: Jeanette

Job Title: Support Administrator

How long have you been with VSL?

Since September 2009 – […]

Fast Unlimited Connectivity Solutions from VSL

Think back three years and consider how your use of the internet has changed. In a relatively short period of time, we have become completely reliant on the internet for more and more business activities. Email, cloud based applications, networking, data storage, SIP trunks (internet telephone lines), banking and disaster recovery to name just a few.

A […]

Mitel Bluetooth Accessories

Everybody here at VSL loves the bluetooth accessories for the Mitel IP phones, they greatly improve customer experience, mobility and ease of use.

The module allows a Mitel MiVoice IP Phone user to integrate their Bluetooth headset with their desk phone, allowing them to enjoy the hands-free freedom with their desk phone that they’ve become accustomed […]

Mitel 5320, 5330 and 5340 Phone Training Video

Do you have a Mitel 5320, 5330 or 5340 IP handset? Learn how to plug in your phone, log-in, make and receive calls and use the phones in-built features in the following video.

Mitel MiVoice 5360 IP Handset

The Mitel MiVoice 5360 IP Phone is Mitel’s latest state-of-the-art IP phone, which includes a large, colour, touch-sensitive, graphical display screen for easy access to communications information, time-saving applications, and extensive features. It provides professionals with an intuitive colour interface for easier viewing and navigation, of both phone functions and productivity-enhancing applications.

The Mitel 5360 is […]

Benefits of Mitel Software Assurance

It may seem obvious, but software assurance is incredibly beneficial for your business. It’s available for a wide range of Mitel products and is usually billed within your VSL maintenance contract. So if there is an issue, we’re on hand to come to your rescue!
What are the benefits?
Keeping software levels up-to-date; Mitel update software for […]