Ruckus in Education

Wireless Networking with entire site coverage is now a reality for many schools. VSL’s preferred solution is based on Ruckus architecture and is ideal for accessing voice, data and video, often in high density environments such as lecture halls, vast locations such as fields and tightly packed classrooms with challenging building layouts.

High performance at an […]

Paying Too Much for Conferencing?

Whether you’re a small business with clients over the country or a multi-national with teams all over the world, you need to be able to bring people together quickly and cost-effectively. Conferencing reduces transport costs as well as increasing efficiency, productivity and improving the customer experience and VSL’s MeetMe conferencing platform works on a pay-as-you-use […]

Product Focus: SIP Trunks

What are SIP Trunks?

Quite simply… A way to utilise an internet circuit to make calls.

SIP trunks are channels that are delivered over an IP (internet) connection that carry voice from your business to the public telephone network using a technology called SIP. As ISDN is gradually being phased out, SIP trunks are considered the obvious […]