Protecting your network from viruses and hackers is not just a problem reserved for the office. Organisations need to secure all their users whether on mobile devices, laptops or workstations, both on and off-premise. Additionally organisations have a responsibility to filter content often for the purpose of safeguarding users as well as managing activity for decision making and accountability. Of course there are a variety of different solutions suitable for different environments so why not give VSL a call and we can talk you through the right solution for your organisation.

Managed Cisco Firewall

Mobility and cloud drive productivity but introduce risk. To protect your assets, you must see the users, applications, devices, and threats on your network and what they are doing. Cisco ASA firewalls deliver the network visibility you need, superior threat and advanced malware protection, and greater automation to reduce cost and complexity.

Iboss On Site Content Filtering

Iboss is an onsite scalable appliance based solution that provides web filtering, bandwidth management, MDM, threat management FireSphere (behavioural DLP – data loss prevention, IDPS – intrusion detection and prevention) all tied into iboss’ real-time reporting tool. It differs to the competition by offering integrated threat defence (FireSphere) and also fully AD integrated mobile device management.

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